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Simon Draper – CEO of Lumo Energy (formally Victoria Electricity, South Australia Electricity, Queensland Electricity and NSW Electricity)

During my time as CEO of Lumo energy (Sept 2007 to mid 2011), Mike Dornan led the IT Division. He was a direct report to me for the whole period and a pleasure to have on the senior team. Michael was responsible for the creation of all systems and telecommunications for a company that grew from only a few staff and customers, to a company with more than 400 staff, more than 400,000 customers and with a turnover approaching $600 million. There was no guide book for that achievement. Mike and the IT team have demonstrated a high degree of self reliance, judgement, persistence and patience. There would hardly be an IT team in the country that has not had occasions where staff or customers had expectations beyond those that can reasonably be delivered for a affordable cost. In a start up company that succeeds, that is a daily challenge. The proof of Mike’s success is a flourishing business that is utterly dependent on its IT systems. Companies like Lumo need telecommunication platforms that support millions of calls each year and systems that bill and manage accounts that bring in over half a billion dollars per annum.

Mike not only managed the start up and growth phase of Lumo on a very tight budget, he initiated the program to move systems to stable and reliable platforms that are required of more mature companies. As start up companies grow, they need to be able to question whether decisions made at one stage of development still meet the needs of a larger mature company. It is easy to question judgements made by predecessors, but much harder to continuously review your own judgements and start again.  The job is never finished but Mike can step away from the company with confidence in the sustainability of the systems and support arrangements, and pride in his achievements. For my part, I can say that I slept soundly at night during my time as CEO with Mike in charge of our systems.

Mike participated on a senior team at a very early stage of his career. He has been part of broader executive leadership than many IT professionals and certainly more than those who of a similar age. He has high levels of self awareness and does not rest in seeking to improve himself. I wish him all the best in what step he chooses to take in his career. He is a valuable executive who will be spoilt for choice.

Paul Docherty – CEO of Direct Connect and General Manager of Retail Partnerships at Lumo Energy

I’ve spent 7 years as CEO of Direct Connect and General Manager of Retail Partnerships at Lumo Energy. Since that time we have grown Direct Connect from concept to become the largest moving market company in Australia moving over 10,000 people a month. Lumo Energy has grown to well over 400,000 customers with 500+ staff with a revenue of over $600 million.

To deliver businesses from concept to growth at this level, it is imperative that system creation, growth and development are managed in a flexible yet robust manner. AS CIO of the Infratil Group of Companies in Australia, some of my highlights of Michael’s time at the business are as follows:

  • Has managed rapidly scaling and changing business environments.
  • Managed the development and growth of a now significant IT team spanning networks, maintenance and development.
  • Built a reliable global network spanning 7 different sites which includes power stations.
  • Led large scale system development projects from inception to ongoing upgrade and development.
  • Managed a range of Tier 1 & 2 vendors focussed on delivering the multitude of business outcomes required.
  • Taken on facility and security management for all of our sites.
  • Mobilised IT solutions for over 350 sales people on the road.
  • Successfully managed Annual Audits.
  • Managed and delivered large cappex + opex budgets year on year.
  • Management of tier 1 & 2 vendors across a multitude of business requirements.

Direct Connect

At a personal level, once I had established what the Direct Connect business model looked like in 2004, I turned to Michael to create a workflow management system that would allow Direct Connect to interact with a large real estate agent network (at both a B2B and public level) and manage that interaction through to Tier 1 & 2 supply partners. This included a robust yet flexible interface for our users, a workflow system that enabled our call centre staff to manage that workload, and a supply partner pathway that had the ability for our system to interact with them, but be flexible enough to change as their systems changed. This system is still in operation today, having begun with 10 transactions a week to now handling over 5,000 weekly transactions to over 20 supply partners.

The more remarkable achievement is how this was completed, developed and upgraded under significant budget constraints. It’s my opinion that neither the Direct Connect business nor the 80 jobs that it provides across 4 States would even exist without Michael’s influence.

Lumo Energy

It’s important to note that at the time we started Lumo Energy (first known as Victoria Electricity), the customer management and billing system had only ever been used in one very small scale energy business.

The Orion system is now the most used billing system in Australia covering 13-14 Tier 2 retailers. Lumo Energy, while still the largest user of the system, has been the most critical factor to its development over the last 7 years. Again, the system would not exist today in its current format nor with its commercial capacity without the leadership of Michael.


Recommendations For Michael

Chief Information Officer

Victoria Electricity

“Michael headed IT at VEPL Group (Lumo) and he was always approachable, helpful and professional, and keen to develop and progress our capabilities. This provided for ongoing technology enhancements, delivering advanced account processing options bringing substantial new business. Michael was receptive to suggestions and feedback and always aware of the big picture comprising our various departments as well as expectations of our clients. He was well-respected by everyone and a pleasure to work with. I wish him the best with his new ventures.” June 29, 2012

Sam Wallace, Corporate Utility Solutions, LUMO Energy
worked with Michael at Victoria Electricity

“Michael is an extremely professional Manager, with excelleent stakeholder management skills. Michael’s structured and logical approaches ensure all developments, large or small with change implementation are handled efficiently without slippage to the approval of the highest executive. A great asset to the company.” September 23, 2011

Heather Hall, Facilities & Projects – Manager, Victoria Electricity Pty Ltd
worked indirectly for Michael at Victoria Electricity

Chief Information Officer

Lumo Energy

“Mike posseses many enviable personal and professional qualities, including integrity, dedication, leadership, thoughtfulness and honesty. He is knowledgable in all facets of the IT industry and has an intrinsic understanding of both hardware and software.

It has been a pleasure to work with, and get to know, Mike over the last 8 years, during which time I have observed the abundant positive benefits his IT expertise and demeanour has made to Lumo Energy.

Mike is an asset to the IT industry and im confident would achieve in any company lucky enough to gain his services” July 27, 2011

Lee White, General Manager Australia, Agility CIS
was with another company when working with Michael at Lumo Energy

“I’ve worked with Michael over the last 3 years during his time at Lumo Energy. Michael was an extremely thorough and well respected manager with excellent vendor and people and IT management skills. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to future employers or business partners.” May 23, 2011

Mike Thorne, Solutions Manager, Agility CIS Ltd
was with another company when working with Michael at Lumo Energy

“Mike’s curiosity to explore new things gives him an early mover advantage keeping him ahead in dynamic Technology eco system. Mike always ensured things brought to his attention were taken to logical conclusion.

We had wonderful experience working with Mike and his team.” May 18, 2011

Prem Anand, Associate Manager (Transition), Intelenet Global Services
was a consultant or contractor to Michael at Lumo Energy

“Mike is an excellent manager and he has assembled a team of motivated professionals at Lumo Energy. Although I am not an IT specialist I have noticed that Mike’s detailed understanding of the systems we employ has allowed him to give guidance to his managers and staff so that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
From a small start up operation less than ten years ago, Mike has brought the IT department to a point where it is now efficiently servicing an information intensive company employing about 500 people. He has introduced management systems that ensure a high quality of service to the business.

I have worked for Mike as Facilities Manager at Lumo Energy for about a year. As my manager I have found Mike a great leader. He allowed me great freedom as Facilities Manager yet I was able to seek his advice, which always seemed to turn out to be the best path. I could count on Mike’s support, even when I had made a mistake. In other words, Mikes’ management style generated loyalty from me and other employees and of course this benefitted the productivity of the whole department.
Mike has lived and breathed Victoria Electricity/Lumo Energy since its inception. His dedication, skills and knowledge will be sorely missed.” May 16, 2011

Pete Hickey, Facilities Manager, LUMO Energy
reported to Michael at Lumo Energy

“I can highly recommend Michael Dornan as a person with great wisdom and deep education of IT solutions. Michael is not only an honest and goal oriented natural leader but also an inspiring colleague. I had the privilege of working under Michael Dornan (CIO) as a Senior Systems engineer role at LUMOENERGY. Certainly Michael is one of the reasons for the expansion & success LUMOENERGY has experienced in recent years.” May 11, 2011

Dale Hibberd, Senior Systems Engineer, Victoria Electricity
worked indirectly for Michael at Lumo Energy

“Our company has provided software development services to Victoria Energy / Lumo Energy for several years and we have always found Michael to be a very professional and talented person who clearly played a pivotal role in establishing and managing Lumo’s IT infrastructure and related services over many years.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation that is looking for someone to help guide and lead a team of IT professionals in difficult and demanding environments.”May 11, 2011

Owen Baker, Director, ITRegister
was a consultant or contractor to Michael at Lumo Energy

IT Manager

Bank of Ireland IOM

“I have known Michael for over 15 years both socially and in a work environment.

I worked with Michael at Bank of Ireland where he occupied the role of IT Manager. At all times I have found Michael to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious and honest. Michael has a high level of technical ability and can adapt to any situation with relative ease. He also maintains excellent relationships with colleagues and develops strong teams.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for any type of role. He is an excellent candidate and would do very well in any organisation.” May 12, 2011

Andy Cassidy, IT Manager, SMP Partners Ltd
worked with Michael at Bank of Ireland IOM

“Ability to deliver excellent service to the business; At the forefront of innovation and always looking for ways to improve the operation”

Gwen Gillies, IT Executive
worked with Michael at Bank of Ireland IOM